We understand that you might not always be available at the time for delivery. We recommend that you have someone wait for the delivery of the package or have it delivered to a location where you will be available to receive it.

  • The delivery agent will call you when they arrive at the location you indicated on checkout (or just before, to clarify the exact location). 
  • The delivery agent will make a maximum of three calls over a span of 15 minutes to attempt completion of delivery.
  • In case you miss it, we make one more attempt on the consecutive business day. If you are unavailable to receive the package the second time, delivery will be cancelled.
  • To get the package delivered again within a span of 7 days, a fresh delivery fee will be charged.

You may reach out to the seller from whom you made the order if you'd like to request for a specific delivery da, or if you'd like to change the delivery location.