This Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2021 [Offer period], we are offering huge discounts on our subscription plans for everyone.

This Black Friday, for just 23bob/day for the first month, get an online shop, instant payments and delivery for as low as 70bob. Anzili Black Friday is here. Sign up between today and Monday for this offer. Got an existing online shop, we got you! Refer a new business, they get the above offer and an extra 25% off your sub for the next month for both of you.


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How does it work?

  1. For every new subscription between 26th November (Friday) and 29th November (Monday) [offer period], you get 60% off the first month’s subscription.

  2. For every referral of a new subscriber by an existing subscriber:

    1. If the new subscriber signs up within the BFCM 2021 offer period, they get 60% off the first month’s subscription, and, 25% off the subscription for the subsequent month after that;

    2. The referring subscriber gets 25% off, their following subsequent month's subscription


What are the terms?

  1. The 60% off only applies to new subscriptions

  2. To get the 60% off, the subscription must be paid within the first month of the subscription and before the end of the 14-day trial period

  3. The 25% off for existing subscribers on new referrals must fulfil these terms;

    • The referred subscriber must have paid their first full month subscription

    • The referred subscriber gets 25% off on the month following the first paid subscription


Anzili Terms & Conditions apply